What is Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher is one of the top launcher on the Android Plat form. Once you install Nova launcher on your Android it replaces the traditional home screen of your Android smart phone. The following are the major Features of Nova Launcher Prime.
Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Icon Themes: there are millions of attractive icon themes in Nova Launcher Prime you can easily download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Subgrid Positioning: Nova Launcher Prime provide you greater control over your home screen as compare to other launchers. With Nova Launcher you can snap icons half way in the desktop grid cells.
  • Customize App Drawer For You: Nova Launcher Prime enables you to customize tabs the way you want horizontal or vertical.
  • Color Control Over Your Desktop: you can color your desktop, icons, tabs etc with different attractive colors with the help of Nova Launcher Prime.
  • Improved Widget Drawer in Nova Launcher Prime: different widgets are group in a one place by Nova Launcher Prime which enables the use to use it faster and in a more effective manner.
  • Infinite Scroll With Nova Launcher Prime: find your desired page loop or icon in a matter of seconds with nova launcher Prime.

Nova Launcher Prime Details:


Nova Launcher got 4.8 stars out of the total 5.

Last Updated:

Nova Launcher was last updated on date 16 December 2016.

Current Version:

The Current version of Nova Launcher Prime is 2017.

Developed By:

Nova Launcher Prime was offered by TeslaCoil Software.

Total Size Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The total size of Nova Launcher Prime is 69K.

Required Android:

Nova launcher Prime can be run efficiently on Android Version of 4.0 and above version than 4.0.


There are around 1,000,000 Plus installs of Nova Launcher from Google Play Store.

Advantages Of Farming Simulator 18 APK

Before we go to the advantages of farming simulator first you need to know what is farming simulator all about. Farming simulator is basically designed for android users but now iOS and PC users can also play it because PC and iOS versions of this game are available in the play store. In Farming Simulator you are assigned a role of a farmer. Some basic equipment are provided to you and a small piece of land. You start your career as a country side farmer with a small piece of land and some basic need tools and machinery for farming. The main objective of the game is to earn money by selling your crops in the market. Farming simulator is a very simple and enjoyable game. This is a very popular and loved game by the users from all around the world.

Advantages Of Farming Simulator 18 APK:

The following are the main Advantages of Playing Farming Simulator On Your android device.

Free To Download:

The first advantage of playing Farming Simulator is all the simulators games for Android in the play store are paid this is the only simulator game which is available for you totally free of cost.

Multiplayer Option:

You Can play farming simulator game with your friends and family inside your home by using a single wifi or Bluetooth. This is a very strong point about this game because it encourages team work.

Realistic Feelings:

Farmining Simulator provide you real feeling about how to manage farms and take care of your crops, take active part in forestry, feed your cattle etc. most of the other games of android are adventures and killing zombies but these things just exist in imaginary world they don’t have to do anything with a real life.


In this game you learn how to take decision in a limited resources.