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Stand Alone Vs Embedded Operating Systems

Stand Alone Vs Embedded Operating Systems:

The major difference between the two operating systems is that stand one operating system is one of the complete operating system which usually works on mobile computing device, notebook computer, and PC. On the other hand embedded operating system works in consumer electronics and on mobile devices. It is present in a ROM chip.

Stand Alone Vs Embedded Operating Systems

Stand Alone Operating System:

It is a type of operating system which is present in desktop computer and notepad computer etc. they are also called client operating system because they work in conjunction with a server operating system. Where as client operating systems are those who work without a network. Standalone operating systems allows its users to use networking capabilities which allows the computers to set up a small network of their own.

Embedded Operating Systems:

Embedded operating system is commonly used in mobile devices and consumer electronics such as washing machines, juicer etc. some of the popular embedded systems are Windows embedded CE, Windows Phone 7, Palm OS etc.

Windows Embedded CE: windows embedded is made for computing devices entertainment, communication with limited functions. The following are the devices which contains Windows embedded Ce:

  • Volp phones.
  • Sale terminals point.
  • Digital photo frames.
  • Fuel pump.
  • Sewing machines which are computerized.

Windows Phone 7: windows phone 7 works on some specific types of smart phones in the presence of Windows Phone 7 and compatible device users can access to PIM options like notes, contact lists, tasks, calenders etc. the device also help users for entertainment purposes such as watching videos, mp3 music, browising the internet, playing online games, listesning to radio etc. With the help of windows phone 7 you can communicate with others via call and sms. In simple words windows phone 7 perform all the necessary function of your smart phone.


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