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The Human Condition by Jon Bellion Decoded Music Review EP8

Oh my God! Everyone, the hard work has finally paid off it’s finally time to get an interview with Jon Bellion. All I have to do is you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Fine, let’s do this. Hello and welcome to the code where we take art blasted and recoated. Today’s review is going to be the quote unquote debut album from Jon Bellion entitled the human condition by Key gen. You said he had two albums in your last review why you lie to me I know. I guess he is considering this the first paid album under a bigger label so hence, his debut on a serious note though before we start if you enjoy the review of John billions work or the last one we did here you should help me by tweeting the video to him at John Milian so maybe when he’s passing through Detroit guess that interview you’ll be doing us a huge paper and we forever be in your debt. And if you’ve seen this John we’re not weird okay not that weird every part of the review this is usually the portion where I go into the history of the artist busy seeing as we have an independent clause review here for his last album the definition. I’d highly suggest heading there for a more in-depth look at the artist. Ellen has worked with a ton of artists including Eminem, Rihanna, Jason Derulo and black keys to name a few. He’s originally from Lake Grove New York and grew up around the New York area becoming a producer singer songwriter and rapper with his birth big releases the separation in the definition. Now here on decoded we gave a rave review of his previous work saying billion was on the edge between indie darling and superstar so does the human condition continued this upward trend for Billy on or did he just become a very small fish at dangerous pond.

I would be remiss to start discussing the album without first talking about the amazing artwork created by the uber-talented David La Jolla. Seriously though what we may use this for criticism purposes you should definitely check out more of his amazing work released as a single in April twenty second 2016. This was the first indication of what belly on have been working on since releases of all time low woke the fuck up in wood stock in early 2015. The song itself has one of the tropes I will as belly on isms for the remainder of this review and that it’s very much about the atmosphere and how it engages the listener from the escalating all student guitar riff to the near whispering vocals both leading backup is a very foreboding sense.

I really hope that you enjoyed this review and if you want to see more of these coming from us then you have got to come back on our site. Keep visiting fellas.


Updated: March 11, 2017 — 1:56 pm

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