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VPN Vs Firewall

VPN Vs Firewall:

The major difference between the two is VPN tunnel is a secure connection which is created on the internet between the company network and user computer. Companies allows external access to their internal networks on a VPN connection. On the other hand firewall is used to protect your computer from unauthorized entry on internet. I suggest every net user should implement firewall.

VPN Vs Firewall


Companies now a days allow access to their company networks with the help of a private network. When a customer connects to a company network through internet a private network VPN provides a secure connection to a company network server in case of a private line. VPN is used to extend the company internal network beyond the physical boundries. VPN creates trust and a secure line between a company and its customer.


It’s a hardware and or software which is used to protect the resources of a network from hackers and unauthorized entry on net. Every net user should use fire wall to secure their device. Almost every organization uses fire wall to protect their resources from outsiders and limit access of their own employees to sensitive data like salary clips their funds, secret decisions of business etc.

Main Difference Between VPN and Firewall:

  • VPN creates a VPN tunnel and creates a secure network between customer and a company on the other hand Firewall is used for the protection of the company resources.
  • VPN provides a means for communication between customer and a company and Firewall is not a means for communication.
  • VPN is usually provided by the company while firewall is not provided by the company the user himself have to avail it in order to secure his network and resources.
  • Firewall is a personal thing while VPN is not personal.

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